More and more businesses experience a growing need for lockers to ensure safe keeping of valuables and clothing.

The lockers are ideal for workplaces, schools, offices, swimminghalls, hotels and other places where many people get together.

Our lockers are mede out of polyethylene, and are designed for safe keeping of your belongings. The lockers have no sharp corners and can be recycled after use.

​Made out of polyethylene - 15 years warranty

Polyethylene is the preferred choice when strength and durability are key factors. Polyethylene is a recycled material, so our lockers are very eco-friendly.

In contrast to the regular metal lockers, our lockers are rust resistant. Therefore our costumers get more value for money and a long lasting solution.

​Easy to install

The lockers arrive assembled and in the design the costumer has chosen. The only thing you have to do is set them up where you want them.

​Tailored solutions for your need

All our lockers are produced by order, so you have the possibility to tailor your lockers so the fit your needs. You can choose from our wide assortment of locks, colors, accessories and what ever wish you may have.

Build your own Locker by Laiderz here​

​Read our installation guide here

Reasons to buy Lockers By Laiderz:

  • ​You can design your dream locker from our wide assortment, so your needs will be fulfilled. 
  • ​Choose the sizes that you wish.
  • ​Enjoy our wide assortment of accessories such as USB in the locker, number/name plates, different kinds of locks and many colors.
  • ​Easy to clean so the design and color will be intact.
  • 15 years warranty on the lockers.
  • ​Perfect solution for sports, schools, industrial, workplaces and everywhere where many people get together.