An artificial turf track is mostly used for soccer fields. We can also deliver and mount landscape turf like the one used in airports along the runways, or turf to be used to encapsulate polluted earth.

Artificial Turf can be used in all kinds of weather.

The advantage of an artificial turf track is among other things that is can be used all year. (Of course, if its cleaned for snow). Other advantages are that artificial turf is very durable and is more shock absorbent than regular grass. An artificial turf can also be used for social events, but we suggest in that case you consult Laiderz first.

Artificial turf is becoming more and more widespread as a replacement for regular soccer fields and hockey rinks. Artificial turf is also becoming more and more widespread in playgrounds with multipath because of the weather resistant material. If snow is removed, artificial turf can be used all year.

​We will of course guide you in the best solutions possible, where we will discuss the use frequency. We will look into if it is for adult soccer clubs, or for children’s use.

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