The round handle in the middle controls how far the “needles” that is placed in 2 rows under the platform goes into the artificial turf.

The needled function is to loosen up the rubber infill, and it is very important that the needles don’t go too far down so they destroy the bottom of the artificial turf.

It is also very important to change direction every second time. So that the blades of grass keep standing up. If you drive the same direction every time the blades of grass will lay down.

As daily maintenance we suggest you use a rubber towbar. As a thumb rule we suggest that you use the rubber towbar or brush the artificial turf after 10 hours of playing. Please pay extra attention to the places that is used the most. Like the goal keeper area and penalty spot. It is an advantage to have a hard broom placed in every end of the field, so the players can brush the rubber infill back after the use of the field.

Failure to maintain the artificial turf will not be covered by our warranty, so there for it is very important that you follow maintenance instructions. That way the artificial turf will last many more years.

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