A way to increase synthetic surfaces life time:

  • ​Always use correct shoes made especially running tracks. The spikes on the shoes should be no longer than 6 mm. Running shoes and other shoes with soft rubber outsole.
  • ​Do not under any circumstances use any heavy machinery.
  • ​Always use common sense.

Recommended equipment for maintenance of the running track:

  • 4- Wheel battery driven tractor, with low pressure tires.
  • Industrial machine mrk: “Hako” attached with soft brushes
  • Soft brushes made of plastic or nylon.
  • Vacuum leaf collector mrk: “Billygoat” or similar leaf removal products.


Synthetic surfaces is used many places all over the world. The synthetic surface of the running track requires a minimum of maintenance. Therefor the surface doesn’t need a lot of preparations before use. There are a few precautions we highly recommend you follow, so the running track always is in best conditions.

  • ​Sweep the running track 1 time a week. You need to keep the running track clear of grass, small stones, leaves and garbage thrown or left on the track.
  • Use water to clean the track sometimes. It is possible to use a none foaming cleaning material, before you rinse the track clear of dirt.​

Line marking:

The line marking needs to be remarked approximately every 2 to 4 year. Air particles, small stones and UV light from the sun will over the years tear on the line marking. A special polyurethane paint should be used to fresh up the line marking every 2 to 4 year.

Training of maintenance staff:

If possible all training sessions of staff should be monitored by a supervisor, to ensure that maintenance equipment is used correctly.

  • We recommend that training should be done on a regularly basis. We also recommend that training is done on various places.
  • ​It is important to point out a special place where maintenance vehicles shall pass the running tracks. This place can be protected with rolls of polythene and covered with protecting wooden plates. This is to ensure that any oil from a vehicle is spilled on the track. If any oil is spilled on the tracks it is very important that it is neutralized immediately to prevent any stains.
  • ​Synthetic surfaces are expensive and should always be handled with respect.
  • Reckless behavior can easy be very costly in repairs.

Maintenance Contract

It is possible to sign yearly maintenance contract with different companies.

Please make sure a contact contains.

  • ​Thorough inspection, investigation and evaluation and of the running track followed up by a written report.
  • ​Repair of all damages on existing running track
  • ​Thorough cleaning of the track, done with authorized maintenance equipment.
  • ​Inspection of all lines, and remarking of lines on tennis courts, according to rules and regulations.

​Should you be interested in a service contract please feel free to contact us.

Contact e-mail:
Trine Laiderz: trine@laiderz.dk
Contact phone: +45 41 29 61 43

​Contact e-mail:
Ásvald Simonsen: as@laiderz.dk
Contact phone: +45 26 74 54 20